Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Informed Family Intervention

Using a cognitive behavioural therapy framework to understand how a family system may impact or contribute to the maintanence of mental health difficulties in children. Sessions are focused on providing psycho-education around mental health illness and specific experiences of the young person. We also look at understanding how family and individual family member’s own beliefs may contribute to or maintain a young persons mental health illness, and how this can help parents and caregivers think about how they could change or modify their own beliefs and behaviours to model healthy mental health and support the recovery of the young person. It can also help the family feel confident in supporting their young person/ family member for example when a loved one has an eating disorder, psychosis, engages in self harming or needs support in completing CBT experiments and exposure work outside of session.

CBT informed family intervention may be working with the whole family, the parents/ caregivers alone, and may be either the main therapeutic intervention or as part of individual 1:1 therapy a young person may be having.

Research in treatment on mental illnesses such as eating disorders, psychosis, substance misuse and challenging behaviour have shown that the inclusion of family intervention can have a significant impact on recovery and relapse.

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