Engaging with Mental Health

With Mental Health increasingly becoming a public health issue, it is ever more important to start having conversations about how as services and as a society we decrease stigma, increase awareness and plan for both preventative programmes and evidence based treatment. There are many ways to engage in these conversations.

Support local charities or organisations and initiatives where possible. Volunteer time to organisations that provide mentoring or companionship. Develop an understanding by having the right information and accessing psycho-education.

But most importantly, where possible, try to encourage open and frank discussions with friends, family and colleagues. If you know someone is struggling, or suspect they are, offer support rather than staying silent. Encourage people to seek support, and reduce stigma by normalising experiences and not dismissing or minimsing them.

Like with many things, if we all do our small part, great things can happen.

Published by Thrive Therapies

London based Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychtherapist

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